Monday, 8th May 2017

At 3 am, the alarm on the phone already sounded. But the room still dark because it’s turned off. So I pulled my blanket again because I was still sleepy. Actually, I was remember that today I want to past. But I still feel too lazy lo wake up. Even though, getting up early is beginning to start a good day.

At 3.15 am, Umi woke me up for eat. Finally, I got up and turned on the light. I went to the bathroom. After that, I took some food in the kitchen.

I went back to room. After closed the food, I went for night pray. Actually, I have trying to accustomed night pray and Dhuha. Amilah has woke up when I have been praying. Before I went to eat, I washed my clothes quickly. After that, I went to eat with Amilah.

I went to took a bath before Shubuh. The water was fresh and cool. After adzan Shubuh has hearded, I went to pray in my room. After that, Amilah dan I waited the lamp from class turned on. I had wore my uniform. The activity has started at morning day.

Our first class every day is Tahfizh. So, we went to class after the lamp turned on. Tahfizh finished around 6.30. After that, there are breafing for week with Ustadz Oleh. We back to our room around 7.30. next class is English. After did Dhuha pray, I copied my homework to my note until Miss Farrah came. Then we went to class.

Our homework this week was about Narrative Text. That’s about Fable. I have telling a story with the title : “The Little Mouse”. After that, we studied about Correlative Conjunction.

When rest time, I went to photocopy centre. I wanted to buy some flanne for my work. I like to spent my time to work with flanne.

Next class is Public Speaking. We learned about Mind Mapping. This class over when adzan Zhuhur heard. I didn’t eat my lunch. Of course. Because I have pasting. This day, actually, I have to study with Umi Nur. But I didn’t. Because there was a reason.

At last, I had free time. So, I spent my time for work with my flanne. I made flowers and I sold them to Zuyyina and Zulfa.

At 4.30 pm, actually there must one class anymore. But there was raining. So I had free time again.

So I waited to opened my past with watching Live Action Anime Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Like usually, I even like the anime more than the live action. Bu that’s not bad.

After Maghrib, we went to class again for Tahfizh. Poor for me, I always sleepy at night. So I just can remembering for 2 pages only.

Every Monday night if not rainy, there are night market in this village. This night, we went to there. I like Pukis so much. So I bought it.

We back to home. Amilah turned off the lamp around 9 o’clock.

Tuesday, 9th May 2017

Like normally, the alarm sounded at 3 o’clock. If I still feel to lazy, I will sleep again. Like today. The alarm I seted to snooze so that can sounded for 10 minute later. At 3.40, finally I woke up and turned on the lamp. I went to bathroom and did my pray. Amilah has woke up and went to bathroom for took a bath. So I ate my Pukis with Muhammad, my brother. Around 15 minutes before Shubuh, I went to bathroom to took a bath.

Like usual, Tahfizh has finished at 6.30 am. But this time I didn’t sleepy. So I can remembered for 1 surah.

For me, Tuesday is busy day. Because there is 5 class. First class is Fiqih. We learned about Ramadhan Past. Because in a moment we will on Ramadhan. So we have to know about that. Without break rest, we went to next class. Second class is Nafsiyah. We learned about Amal Breaker. So that we can be careful for our life. Second class was over at 10 o’clock. We back to our room for a rest to next class. At 10.30, we back to class again. Amilah and I learned Tahsin. This time, we were practicing to explain the matery for exam. We had studied until adzan Zhuhur has heard.

Next class is Arabic at 1.30 pm. There was free time until the class begin. Amilah usually used this time for sleep. Like this time. But I can’t. so I was looking for my laptop. This morning, I was browsing about some news. I heard radio too. So interesting.

At 1.30, we went to class. Arabic now studied about Imam Ahmad Al-Hasyimy’s quotes. There are 6. The most I like was, “There is no glorius with lazy”.

Class has over before 3 o’clock. Amilah and I planned to make Papeda. Wo cooked and ate, that was not successful. But that’s not too bad. We ate until completely.

Mostly, there is one class anymore with Umi. But, Umi has tired. So we had free time. Yatta!

Like usual, we went to class for Tahfizh. We back to room around 8.15 pm. I and Akhwat played question. My last question, “If seller become farme, farmer become?”. Hihihi… That so funny.

After Isya’, Amilah and I went to market next to forest. It was so dark. But I have no scared. I just be careful so that not slide. I slided for twice. Huft… Lucky I was not felt.

After ate my snack, I wrote my diary with music in my earphone. Sometime I talked about something with Amilah. Amilah has been doing her homework too.

I still did my work until 9.50 pm. So I stoped and get ready for sleep.

Wednesday, 10th May 2017

When I woke up, the room was so blind. Amilah must be forget to turned off the lamp. For real, I want to sleep again because I still feel so tired. But when I tried to sleep, I keep woke again. Maybe because effect coffee last night. Finally, at 3.20 am I woke up and went to bathroom. And then did pray and took a bath.

After that, I checked for class and activity today. After Tahfizh, I will study again at 10.30. So, I had long free time. My plan, I will do my Public Speaking’s homework.

After Tahfizh, I was remembered my plan. But I feel I have no idea for that. So I took my laptop to Umi’s room and connected the wireless. I had browsing something and downloading some files. I have job for gaulislam.

Mostly, at 10.30 is Animation class. But because Ustadz Eftur can’t come, so I had free time again. In my room, I started to wrote gaulislam about “School Graduation”.

Finally, I had had class for 1.30 pm. We had homework to remembering Imam Ahmad Al-Hasyimy’s quotes. Arabic class finished at 3 o’clock. After back to our room. Amilah and I went again to bought Ice Choco Banana in front of Mosque. The seller was a nice boy. I liked him.

After Ashar and took a bath, we went to class for Scenario class. In this class, I made a shortmovie with title “Prasangka”.

Every Wednesday night, Pesantren Media have special activity. This night, we will watch together. This time, we watcher Indian film. But I forget the title. The Film was so tension. My heart beat was so fast. Maybe because effect from coffee.

At 10.15, the film was stoped. But actually, the film was not finished. That make me anxious. In my room, I straight to sleep.

[Fathimah NJL, Kelas 2 SMA, Pesantren Media]

By Fathimah NJL

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