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Assalamu’alaikum. My name is Ihsan Abdul Karim. You can check my identity on the internet. I school on the Pesantren Media. You can check more information on this blog. Or should we call it “Website”? Hahaha…

Okay, in this Eid. I celebrate it with my family. I lived on Depok but my other or almost all family lived in Jakarta. So, my home is far away from them. Not too far but you know. Everything on Eid is traficed! Isn’t it?

We, i mean, myself, my father, my mother, my brother and two of my sister was pray eid in a mosque near our home. That mosque is called “Baiturrahman Mosque”. Great name, right? It’s so barokah.

Before we shalat, there’s some “Takbiran”. And some other dzikir. After 10-15 minutes we start shalat. After shalat we pray. Wow, that is a long pray. After pray we go home. In home we do “Maaf-maafan”. Maaf-maafan is ask for sorry to person we Maaf. After do it we Maaf-Maafan to other people in Kampung.

And we go to Jakarta. And Alhamdulillah the street is not trafficed. Well, not yet. And finaly we arrived on my Bude’s house. All of my family from my mother got there. We do Maaf-maafan and we do sharing “THR”. I and my brothers and sisters got some THR. Alhamdulilah i got some.

It’s great to celebrating Eid with my family. Alhamdulillah…


By Ihsan Abdul Karim

Nama saya Ihsan Abdul Karim. Saya lahir pada tanggal 27 Juni 2001. Saya nyantri di Pesantren Media sebagai santri Angkatan 3. Saya tinggal di Citayam, Indonesia.

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