Six month ago, I have a wonderful day that is very worthy. It was a holiday, my big family will gather in my father’s city. That was my first time out of town with my big family. I am very happy. I always dreamed that day arrived. And finally the day arrived. I will tell a day of fourteen days. I spent in the city. One day will never forget.

The city is Jogja’s. I really like that city, very friendly town. Me and my big family will vacation in Jogja’s city, more precisely on the beach. Yes I don’t like it. That’s why I mention a wonderful day. Because of the day was the first time I feel the happiness on the beach. Maybe because with a loved people.

Family is something very worthy. I am very happy if I gather with family. While on the beach, I just sat and looked on the beach. I am afraid of approaching the sea, hmm because, hmm because I can’t swim. I buy snacks and toys. I also took pictures some interesting angles. My brother also took pictures on the beach, that’s what caused my camera to swim.

(Tugas bahasa inggris hehe)


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