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Whale is belong to the order cetacea, which is includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Whales are divided in to two: baleen and toothed whales. They are the largest species of whale. The whale is putting of planktons, small fishes in its mouth. They sense surrounding environment through echolocation.

Like a mamalia, the whale is breathis air into lungs. They are warm blood. They feed they young milk and have little hair. The whales have flippers are paddle-shaped. Most species of whale have a fin on their backs, known as a dorsal fin. The whale breathe through blowholes, located on the top of the head, so the whale can remain submerged.

Commersial whalling in the 1800’s and nearly drove some whale species to extinction. Some species have still not recovered from being hunted and are currently listed as endangered.



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